Thursday, April 17, 2008

Spring and Chickens, but I'm not a Spring Chicken.

Wow. Four months. Which makes it seem as if winter were just a few days long, just a small thing, coming in to blow beautfiul snow around my world and then leaving on tiptoes so as not to wake me.
These past four months have been WINTER. Snow and cold, biting winds and temperatures so cold and brutal we thought it would never.ever.end.

But today is April. It is 60 degrees out and the sun is shining in promise of warmer days to come. Thanks be to God.

Its been a long winter in more than just weather. It seems as if the cold wormed its way into my bones and aggravated every inch of my Lupus. Aching, tired, weary and thing after another.

It was a long winter in the chicken coop too. We lost Lucy, or black Bantam Silkie to frozen feet : ( Poor little Luce. It was awful beyond words and thanks goes to my dear husband who put her down for me, what would I have done without him.

But spring is here. So I slather on the sunscreen and head out doors. Just to breath in the sap and soil is a gift. Mike is building a new coop for the girls. Elsie, Polly and Mae are laying away and enjoying new freedom in a run he has added on to the old coop in the meantime.

Seven weeks ago Mike brought his sad aching sick wife home a present. A box full of peeping noises. When opened, I found the peeping noises connected directly to three day old baby chicks. Oh my mothers heart! What a blessing they were. Tiny little cotton balls with beaks!

I've been raising them in an appliance box in my kitchen. Its been a true delight to watch them grow. As soon as the weather is temperate enough, out they go! Its almost time for these babies to truly fly the coop.

I really hope that I update more often. What with my memory, its the only way I am going to remember having done anything at all!