Thursday, October 30, 2008

Negative Ions, Positive Love

I love autumn, I really do. Its my absolute favorite time of year. I love the leaves, the sky, the color, the frost. I am awed when I walk out my door and see the intense display of beauty close enough to touch.

But I have to admit, I am missing the Gulf right now. In Naples, the weather is just turning a rosy shade of perfect. The days are in the 80's, the nights warm and drying out from the summer rains. In Florida, the Gulf was my refuge when life got crazy.

At present, I am dealing with some pretty heavy anxiety . Why? I have absolutely no idea. It just decided to show up uninvited and take residence beneath my breast bone. It is exhausting, haunting, and very very unwelcome. What I want right now is to walk along this beach that I know so well. I want to be bathed in the negative ions that surround the water. Funny thing, that negative ions should be called negative when they do absolutely positive things for our bodies and minds.

Here, in Kalispell, I don't have white warm sand to cradle my feet, or the sound of the gentle waves of the gulf to calm my overstimulated nervous system. Here in Kalispell I have come to find something far greater. I have Jesus Christ. My constant. My companion. The balm for my soul.

I remember when I was so very sick and in the hospital. I was so sick that I thought perhaps I wasn't going to live. I lay in that hospital bed and had my fear replaced with a peace so precious to me, so vital to my memory and my life, I will never forget it. As I closed my eyes, I rested my head at the feet of my Lord. I could feel the hem of his garment brush across my hair. I could feel his hand on my head as I lay curled, safe, content and at peace at his feet. I remember reaching out taking hold of the hem of his robe. I was a small child, safe in the knowledge that her Father had her life in His hands. Safe in the knowledge that He would watch over me, that He would never leave me. Ever.

That is my wash of negative ions. That is my peace. I no longer need a designated place to find rest for my soul, no matter how weary or anxious it is. My peace is Jesus Christ, and I fall on my face in greatfulness that I am blessed with the knowledge of his love.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Little LuLu with my fall composition. What a tiny monster she is! It amazes me, what humans have done to these poor animals, M'Kayla and I often say, "she forgot to have a nose!"Posted by Picasa

Autumn makes me smile

Here's a few of my favorite things. Knitting, eggs from my girls and a coffee pot. Of course I don't make my dark drink of love in THAT pot...but someone did... some time.

When I was knitting this yarn, I was amazed at the perfect replica of fall it became as I knitted the scarf together. I could hold it up to the street that I live on, and it was the exact color of the world around me! Awesome! I was SO in love with the airy feel of the spun wool, and amazed with the scarf when I finished it, that I had to give it away : ) It was a birthday present for my awesome employer, Julie, at Julie's Center Street Cafe.