Wednesday, November 12, 2008

A Room With A View

We've finished our living room. Sort of. I did find one spot of trim that I missed. We have a new floor thanks to our neighbors Tom and Deanne, who were kind enough to offer us the new laminate flooring that had been installed incorrectly in their home by Lowes. Lowes was replacing with hard wood, and we now have a beautiful floor! The paint color, which is called Vine something or other, was chosen by Garrett. I was going to do a neutral beige, but he wanted a little bite to his room. And since this is actually where the kids hang out.. and sleep...and live... I thought it only proper to let them have "some" say!

The window coverings were not my first choice, but were $4.oo per window at Wal-Mart and I couldnt pass that price up. The little love seat was $10.00 at the thrift store, as was the rug, and the Paris and Eiffel Tower art I have had forever.

It may not be exactly what I wanted, but it is Soooooooo much better than it was before! So.. I'm happy : )


Crazy Chicken Lady said...

Hello Darlene- it looks gorgeous! Will you come clean my house? lol It's great to find some good buys.

I was tagged and thought this would be a great way to get to know others. I had to pick 6 people to tag, so I chose you as one :) If you'd like to participate pop by my blog for instructions