Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Betty And The Boy

On Monday evening my family and I had the pleasure of being entertained by the mesmerizing vocals and newish folk feeling beats of Betty And The Boy. Wow, that sounded really dry and... reviewish. Check out their MySpace here.

Not only does Betty Jaeger have a face like an angel, her vocals seem to have wings as well. Josh Harvey,(brother to Todd Harvey) who makes up the Boy part of the equation plays several instruments, including the banjo, guitar, bass and percussion.

We had a great time at Colter, drinking Double Macchiato's (and yes, a Macchiato is always deserving of caps) and visiting with family and friends. I'd add a link to Colter Coffee, but their website is awful and doesn't do their INCREDIBLE coffee any justice.

My favorite song they performed (well alright, I have two) is My Ghost, and Devil Town. Hmmm sounds like I'm going Goth! But seriously, all eyes were on Betty during My Ghost. The entire coffee shop was mesmerized.

They definitely have a bunch of new fans.

I'm having trouble getting the photos and videos off of my brothers camera and onto my computer (my camera has decided it is ONLY taking purple hued photos, so I had to borrow). But as soon as I get em off... I will put em on!