Monday, January 19, 2009

A Barn Burning

My barn having burned to the ground, I can now see the moon.— Japanese poet Masahide

Sometimes I come across something written that touches me deeply. (Okay, so it happens a lot) I am stunned at the ability of thoughts put to paper to move me so powerfully. The words above resonate so deeply within me and seem to speak of my faith in Christ.

My barn. The thing I build with my own hands. The thing that I "need". The thing that I believe will add to my safety, or my livelihood, or my well being.

My barn.

I think we as humans imperfectly place much faith in our own brand of wisdom. At least I know I do. The word of God can plainly tell us that it is not for us to direct our own step, and yet we do, I do. Time and time again I direct my own steps, until Christ in his infinte love, grace and power reaches down and sets fire to my barn.

I wail as its burning, I cry to God for help, for mercy, for aid. And He hears my cries, knowing that the fire that I pray will be extinguished, is the very mercy that I need. His will, not mine. Because His will is Omniscient, while mine cannot see the beyond the barn.

And as I survey the ashes, I have a choice. I can bitterly sift through them, cursing and searching only for what once stood. Or I can stand, searching the heavens for the face of Christ. I can see not only the moon, but the Son.

I think of the barns that have been burnt down in my life, the fires I thought I would never recover from. Perhaps Christ did not light each one of these, but He used the empty places they left behind to to call me to Himself. These very fires that have brought me to my knees in despair, have brought me to my knees before my Lord.

They have destroyed the barn, illuminated the night, and made clear the path that leads to Him.