Saturday, December 29, 2007

Snow Day!

Finally, it is really really snowing. Yes, we had a white Christmas, but only a few inches of the fluffy white stuff. It is SO incredible outside right now!

When it snows like this all of the corners, the untidy places in ones yard, block, neighborhood and city are all covered up and made white and new.

So peaceful.

So peaceful and quiet that if you stand still you can hear individual snowflakes touch their brothers already on the ground. You can hear your breath, soft in your own ears, and you can hear the muffled sounds of the branches heavy with their new burden.

I just might stay in my jammies all day long...watching the snowfall outside my window while I curl up on the sofa with my stack of pen-pal letters, a hot cup of green tea and some black and white movies.

If this does not fuel the fires of my creative mind, what could?