Friday, December 28, 2007


Isn't this just gorgeous? These were my moms birthday gift to M'Kayla. Of course when she gave them to her, they were in bulb form and we had to keep them in the closet for about a month...but wow! Its freezing cold outside, but we have spring inside!

I have knitters block. Creators block. Whatever you want to call it. After I throw myself completely into a project (the hats) I am left spent, weak, and wanting a cigarette. (I don't smoke). That lasts for abouta day, and then I am ushered back into the throws of creators angst. I want to create. Something. Anything. My mind plays it out at night. Things I could knit, yarns I could use, things I could paint, things I could sew, something I could re-do, make better...its exhausting. It will happen. I know it will. It always has before. But the time between when it happens and now seems to stretch out into eternity. Its so beautiful and releasing when it does happen. I finally find THAT project and am able to dive into it with complete satisfaction.

But until then. Arrrgh!

So I peruse relevant blogs, all the while feeding my imagination. Coaxing it. *shrugs*. I really need to clean my house.